Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kids Write the Darnedest Things, Too

In AVID, we often have guest speakers who talk about their college and work experience to the students, who take notes and then have to write an article based on those notes and what they heard. I just posted some of their best comments HERE. But there were some cute and funny ones, too:

"Ms. Rettie walked into our class on the twenty-third of February, and told us a bit about herself."

"Right now she is a school nurse, a really good one if I may say."

"After fighting through it getting good grades, she got her Bachelors in Nursing."

"She went to big nurse type meeting in an autotorium and then she ran into a DoDDs' person. And was offered a job overseas."

"Till her time is up as a nurse she would like to enjoy her life as a nurse."

"Her favorite slogan or quote is children are 1/3 of our life and 1/3 of our future."

"Usually you don't find many people with a motivating motto, but for Ms. Rettie hers was "Children are 1/3 of our population and all of our future."

"Her hobbies are reading and traveling, sometimes both."

"She had encountered two deaths up until now."

"Ms. Rettie went to a university in California, the name I failed to recall."

"Later on she graduated with a 4-year degree and was ready to rock 'n roll."

"To me, Ms. Rettie is a hero, because everyday she wakes up, comes to school and is putting herself in danger."

"In high school she knew she wanted to be somewhere in the doctor region."


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  1. These are the rewards of teaching: knowing that what we've told students, shown them, and lived with them truly does influence their thoughts and their ideals. Thanks for warming my heart and renewing my faith today, Maryellen!